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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  February 14, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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sky lit up as if it was a bomb going off. >> amazing. a terrible crash in downtown san francisco. a man stole a lincoln town car in the tenderloin about 9:45 this evening, tried to outrun the police but ended up crash crashing into three other vehicles on the corner of 5th and mission. several people have been taken to the hospital. investigators keep finding bombs and bomb making equipment inside a bay area home. and at this point they aren't sure what else they're going to find. >> reporter: it has been a tense and nerve wracking three days. bomb techs are going through this house room by room sifting through junk piled 4-feet high looking for bombs. >> reporter: today we got a few more glimpses of what's looking more and more look a bomb
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factory. >> yeah. it could have hurt a lot of people. >> reporter: there were various chemicals. but this is the game-changer. the bomb squad wore helmets and protective vests as they placed a destructive device inside a containment chamber. they sealed it, drove it away, and blew it up. >> unlike the substance they found earlier incomplete, in the process of being completed and finished, these actual items were complete and ready to use. >> reporter: the home belongs to everett basham. he e-mailed a death threat to senator lee. a s.w.a.t. team raided his home, crews found and detonated some volatile materials. they spent the past three days picking through clutter. >> when i'm in there, the only thing in my mind is what is in
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that drawer or what could that be? >> reporter: basham wore military fatigues and has had surveillance cameras atop his home for years. he was an eccentric recluse and warned trick or treating kids to skip the house. >> i'm glad he's in jail and they it put him some place else, far, far away. >> reporter: officers will be guarding the property overnight. the crews will be back at 7:30 in the morning tomorrow. steve wozniak worked with basham for sometime several years ago called him a brilliant engineer, and said there could be a legitimate reason why he has all these chemicals on his property and is urging everyone to withhold their judgment. >> and the chp says this guy had it out for leland yi. this isn't the first threat he's gotten over his push for tighter
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gun control but it's certainly the scariest. >> when you start reading the e-mail, it really outlined step by step as to how they were going to stalk you how they were going to then put a gun on their site and how they were going to pull the trigger and blow you away. >> he says the threat won't stop his campaign to ban the bullet button which makes otherwise illegal assault rifles legal in california. he calls it proof the new law is needed. ask any retail store worker and they know: crooks like to do a smash and grab. but tonight, what seems to be a new phenomenon, a crash and grab. crooks are stealing cars and smashing them into stores to rob them. >> reporter: we're outside the verizon in pleasant hill. you can see they've got a little
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work to do to clean up this mess. investigators believe that crash and rob as they're calling it lasted perhaps a minute. crash right through the front glass. 5:30 this morning a thief drove an old saturn into the verizon store jumped out grabbed some phones and tablets abandoned the car and ran back outside. surveillance cameras captured some of the action as at least one other man and maybe more were waiting for him in a getaway car. they picked up the thief and drove off. the car was so freshly stolen it hadn't even been reported yet. the owner was surprised to learn his car had been taken. >> someone could break into a store like that and do that just -- it's not fair to anybody else. >> reporter: last week, february 8th at the game stop in
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concord, a man drove a stolen truck into the window of a t-mobile store. the robber stole several phones then ran off leaving the truck behind. investigators are looking over the surveillance video hoping it will lead to an arrest. thousands of passengers on the cruise from hell are finally back on land. the carnival triumph limped into mobile, alabama, tonight after four difficult and disgusting days adrift. >> the desperation was obvious in the final hours. some were hanging sos signs. tonight the passengers are telling their stories. >> randall pinkston is dockside in mobile.
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>> reporter: there were of course complaint but mostly what we heard when the passengers began to come off the ship were cheers, jubilation, celebration, some even kissed the ground because their long, trouble-plagued voyage was finally over. triumph pulled into port at mobile, alabama ending a miserable week at sea. he says the lack of working toilets made life on the ship difficult. >> monday and tuesday were really really bad. everybody was using buckets to do what they had to do. >> reporter: the triumph set out last thursday for a 4-day cruise but that changed sunday when an engine fire knocked out power. >> the health issues were obviously a concern. and when we weren't seeing any signs of rescue for a few day it was
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frightful being out there on the water. and if a fire would start back out what would we do? >> reporter: carnival's ceo showed up personally to apologize. >> we pride ourselves in providing our gefrts with a great vacation experience. and clearly we failed in this case. >> reporter: and carnival is giving all of the passengers a refund for the money they spent for this trip, the chance of taking a free cruise, and $500 in cash. but despite all of that carnival will have a lot of work to do to do away with the damage it's done to its reputation. that an investigation is underway into a certain kind of dance party, called club an investigation is underway into a certain kind of dance party called club heat. the parties attract teenagers some as young as 13 years old.
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♪ ♪ [ music ] ♪ ♪ >> reporter: this video posted on youtube is from a teen nightclub party at me lounge in hayward. they're called club heat parties for teens ages 13-19. this 16-year-old attended a recent one. we protected her identity. >> it looks pretty sexually explicit. >> yes like i said, it's dancing, it's not like there's -- it's not like there's sex happening. i don't see a problem with it. >> reporter: but one alameda county health agency does see a problem. a huge one. teen exploitation. they contacted kpix 5 sending us this video, although didn't want to make a public statement yet. >> this one woman looks like she's wearing a bra. >> it gets hot. so girls decide to take off their shirts. >> reporter: we contacted the county da's office about the club heat parties. they tell us until they get a police report, they can't file charges.
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but they said their exploited minors unit is well aware of the parties and investigating. last week's party a valentine pajama jam in oakland. >> there a name for this dance move other than what i think it looks like? >> it's mostly called porking. >> reporter: we showed some parents the video. >> if your daughter was posted, what would you do? >> i'd probably get her and throw her over my shoulder. [ laughter ] >> that's how our kid end up missing, as far as getting kidnapped or solicited on the streets. >> reporter: the manager didn't want to talk on camera but did say the new year's club heat teen party was a fund raiser for a fraternity. coming up, an epidemic across the bay area. >> do you know where the bikes come from? >> no. >> we go undercover and find out where tons of stolen bikes are showing up. >> her mr. perfect turned out
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to be a con man. the dating scam targeting women across the country. including right here in the bay area. blam
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only see on cbs 5: i go undercover,
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to find out where tons o surfacing.. and ho chances are you or someone you know has had a bicycle stolen. i went undercover to find out where tons of stolen bikes are surfacing and how victims are finding their bikes when police can't. >> you guys know anything with this bike? >> reporter: it's a secret underground market. >> how about these bikes? >> i don't know . it's not mine. >> reporter: dozens of bicycles appearing for sale every week at local flee markets. >> can i get your name? >> reporter: apparently out of nowhere. >> do you know where the bikes come from? >> no. >> reporter: people who have had their bikes stolen have their suspicions like tim from san francisco. >> reporter: last year someone stole his bike. >> wow that was quick. surprising to lock in a secure bike rack and it's gone. >> reporter: and michael koch of san francisco. >> the bikes were standing here and they were locked to
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this shelf which you cannot move. >> reporter: his two high-end specialized bikes disappeared from his garage in one fell swoop. >> the bikes were gone, the locks were gone. i would have never thought that bikes would be stolen out of the garage in a marina. it's become a huge problem. >> reporter: san francisco da recently busted a major stolen bicycle ring recovering more than 100 stolen bikes. >> more than likely, this was a fencing operation. >> reporter: investigators believe that most of the bikes were being sold at flee markets in oakland. >> how you doing? >> reporter: we decided to pay a visit ourselves. >> i was going to ask you about these bikes. who sells the bikes? >> he's in the bathroom. >> reporter: seller s weren't too eager to talk to us. >> is this bike for sale? you guys know anything about this bike here? >> reporter: prices were suspiciously low like this classic italian road bike in
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mint condition. it retails for thousands of dollars. but it's selling here for just $300. >> where do the bikes come from? >> i bought it from here, i sell it from here. >> reporter: you buy it from different vendors and resell them? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: that turned out to be what everyone said. >> where do you get the bikes? >> the flee market. another flee market. >> reporter: he's been selling bikes for three years with no problems. >> don't ask too many questions? is that how it works? >> yeah. >> reporter: everywhere we went crowds gathered around to watch. definitely not surprised even seemingly entertained. but for bike theft victim, it's no joke. michael's two bikes were worth about $11,000. six months after the theft he's still posting them on craigslist and other stolen bike websites every week hoping that someone will spot them. >> at this point i'm kind of -- i would be pleasantly surprised. i don't really have hope anymore. it's more like keeping
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the word alive. >> reporter: it's an online network that paid off for tim after he posted his stolen bike. >> someone replied and said hey, i saw this bike. >> reporter: it was spotted at the laney flee market. >> use a u-lock, and register your bike with the police. for a list of websites where you can post and search, go to a woman on camera stealing packages has been busted thanks to a video that went viral. she was arrested in oakland. fremont police say he's the woman seen her stealing a ups delivery and canned goods for the needy from a fremont home in november. this was the first time fremont police used youtube to find a suspect. one bay area woman's dream date turned into a valentine's day horror story.
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she met a man online who seemed perfect. smart, charming. julie watts says she was actually dating a con man who has been ripping off women from coast to coast. >> i was not a victim. i was a damn fool. >> reporter: instead of listening to her inner voice she listened to mr. perfect she met online. >> she's from the south. so he used this whole vernacular that just kind of drew me in. >> reporter: the registered nurse quickly fell for the man behind the profile. the two talked and skyped several times a day. then her online sweetheart made an offer. >> he says i want to pay your debt off. and i said why? and he said because that's what god has told me to do. >> reporter: and that's what he kid, erasing her $80,000 of debt. but a few days later she became suspicious when he began asking for some wire transfers. >> so i called the credit card companies. are they paid off? yes. confirmation? yes. is this reversible? no the money
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is good. >> reporter: but it wasn't. and it took two weeks for the banks to realize her casanova's accounts were empty. in the meantime she wired him $6,000. >> i had victims that wired him close to $13,000. >> reporter: she is not alone. the scammer's real name is brian wedgeworth convicted of put pel felonies. he's -- multiple felonies. he has scammed women in at least five states. >> this is a new scam. he's hunt income a new ground i've never seen before. >> reporter: the targets are professionals, lawyers doctors women who never thought they could be duped. >> it's his craft. he's honed it. and from woman to woman he gets better and better. >> reporter: she's discovered nearly 150 others online who fell for her scam. >> one girl killed herself. >> reporter: she is worried there could be more scammers preying on others right now.
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she is coming forward with a warning for women. follow your instincts. >> that voice is bright. >> reporter: wedge worth is behind bars in georgia on charges of identity fraud and could face more charges in at least three other states. you had some amazing video at the top of the show. this is unusual. >> this is about two hours ago video to show you from russia, eastern russia. and it was a flash of light in the sky. this is like a movie. look at that. that occurred, now you may be wondering because we're seeing a lot of dashcam video. a lot of insurance fraud in russia so a lot of cars have dashcams. >> any idea how big this thing is? >> i don't know. but i know it's smaller than the big meteor or asteroid that's passing by
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17,000 miles from earth tomorrow. likely this was one of its little buddies that moved in in russia. oakland 45 fremont 42. the setup in the atmosphere high pressure with us all week long. it's also at its closest point to us. the storm track way up in british columbia. an offshore wind day coming down out of the northeast, 60-70 degrees. we'll stay there for the next couple days before high pressure moves down to the south and we get the onshore flow. that means we'll cool down, and next week, some showers. rainfall coming up next week. we've got two more days tomorrow and saturday close to 70 degrees before we cool down and get that rainfall in here tuesday. highs tomorrow san jose 70 degrees. 71 for campbell morgan hill, 71, fremont 70 with sunshine. upper 60s for pleasant hill and san ramon, and upper 60s for novato and berkeley. oakland tomorrow 70 degrees again. mild through saturday. there's the change on sunday still sunny but cooler.
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then only the upper 50s coming up on monday. and much needed rainfall next tuesday wednesday, and thursday.
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only at safeway. ingredients for life. but not everybody: 3 seconds nat sound of pillow fight most people celebrate valentine's day with romantic gestures. >> but not everybody. >> hundreds of people showed up at justin her man plaza tonight for a -- herman plaza tonight for a pillow fight. now in its 8th year. how'd they get off work? >> last year the cleanup cost about $5,000. the bay area was the center of college hoops tonight. a huge showdown. st. mary's, could they take down gonzaga?
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area college basketball team in the last few years the st. mary's gales have been the most successive basketball team. omar earned
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that courtside seat. matthew had 5 .threes in the first half. led by 1 at the break. gonzaga goes on a 17-4 run to start the 2nd. the 3 cuts the lead to 4. he had 22. gonzaga would not let them get any closer. gonzaga wins the battle, 77-60. vern glen is there. >> reporter: you see the final score. st. mary's lived by the 3 and died by it. they put it up 35 points and only hit 12. >> you never want to come out of a timeout against anybody and that really sort of cost us tonight. we got to come out ready to get up a 3 and a couple layups. we just got to do a better job coming out of
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halftime ready to go. >> st. mary's only went to the free throw line five times. gonzaga gains complete control of the west coast conference now, leaving st. mary's behind. sacramento mayor courtside cal, ucla. at one point cal led by 28. they dominate. two straight big wins for cal after beating arizona sunday. big names on the farm tonight. chase and randall for the win oh! stanford loses by 1, 65-64 to the trojans. i could just hear billy beane saying right now here we go again! balfour will miss 4-6
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weeks to repair an injury. a's think he will be ready for opening day. and i'm jumping on a plane and heading to arizona tomorrow. >> fantastic! >> digging down deep to stay on top. game day will emanate live from there. >> a little sports travel lately. >> yeah. football, new orleans, pebble beach.
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sleep number. comfort... individualized. right now, queen mattresses start at just $599. and save 50% on our limited edition bed plus special offers through monday. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4-30. >> watch out for meteors. [ laughter ] ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway broadcasting across the nation and around the world it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter.
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and now, cupid's henchman david letterman! (cheers and applause) captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) ( cheers and applause ) (cheers and applause) >> dave: thank you! thank you. welcome to the show. let me ask you folks something. it's valentine's day and this is the best you can do? honestly, this is -- (laughter) i mean you look like you got off a carnival cruise.
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